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TSIA-Dual Credit Exam




Texas Success Initiative Assessment

Bandera High School is a test site for the TSIA. The cost is $20 for seniors who need it for college and is free to students taking Dual Credit courses, as it is required. 


To register or for more information, please contact: 

Bonnie Hale, Advanced Academic Coordinator, at 830-460-3898 ext 3008 or email her at [email protected]


Test dates and times are TBA


All students at BHS are required to take the TSI Pre-Assessment before taking the TSI. Please click on the link below to take the Pre-Assessment:



What Is the TSI Assessment?

The TSI Assessment (TSIA) is part of the Texas Success Initiative program designed to help your college or university determine if you are ready for college-level course work in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. If you are an incoming college student in Texas, you are required to take the TSI Assessment - unless you are already exempt (read below) - to determine your readiness for college-level work. Based on how you perform, you may either be enrolled in a college-level course and/or be placed in the appropriate developmental course or intervention to improve your skills and prepare you for success in college-level courses.


Which students must take the TSI Assessment?

Not all incoming students need to take the TSI Assessment. There are many ways you can be exempt. Qualifying for a TSI Assessment exemption means that you can enroll in any entry- level college course without restrictions. In other words, there are no prerequisites for enrollment in the entry-level college courses. In certain cases exemptions are subject-specific, which means you may qualify for an exemption in one area such as reading but not in another area like mathematics or writing. 


Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 Passing Scores

  • TSIA Math 950                
  • TSIA ELAR 945
  • TSIA Essay score of 5 or higher

(There are different passing scores for TSIA 1.0)


Success Initiative Exemptions

  • Scored a 23 or higher on the ACT composite and a minimum of 19 on both the English and Math tests;
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) minimum score of 480, Mathematics minimum score of 530 (no combined score needed);

If you think you may be exempt, please contact an advisor at your college. For a complete list of TSI exemptions, visit


Mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity

Before you take the TSI Assessment, you must participate in a Pre-Assessment Activity. The college or university where you take your test is required to provide the Pre-Assessment Activity as well as document your participation. It is a requirement that you complete this activity before you take the test. The activity varies by institution but must include at least the following:

  • An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment and how the assessment works;
  • Practice test questions and feedback

What happens if you do not pass one or all parts of the TSI Assessment?

If you do not pass one or all parts (reading, writing and math) of the TSI Assessment, you may be required to enroll in developmental education coursework or accelerated intervention before you can enroll in a college credit course for the subject in which you did not pass. In some cases, you may be allowed to enroll in a developmental intervention and college-credit course at the same time. The TSI Assessment is an on-demand test, and you may retake it at any time to determine your college readiness. Remember, developmental education courses and interventions often cost the same as a college-level course but do not count towards a certificate or degree program and do not transfer. It is best to avoid developmental education all together by becoming college ready in high school or before enrolling in at a college or university.